Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fishing Trip

Great time for a fishing weekend with the guys. Rob, Rich, Trapper and I loaded up the boat and headed out to Goose Island Saturday morning for an overnighter. We even threw in some bait and fishing hooks and a swiss army knife in case we decided to get serious. Rob got one of those folding grills for Father's Day and it worked great.
I've always enjoyed fishing and fisher-people but I've never been that crazy about actually catching them. I'd just as soon clean, fillet and grill a bratwurst at dinner time. There aren't too many better ways to spend a weekend though than floating on a river with a bunch of friends.
Rich was excited because he got one of those waterproof housings for his camcorder. He always wanted to take up diving so he wanted to see how the thing works in shallow water. I was kind of doubtful about putting my camera in a gadget that he got on ebay but it'll be fun to see what he came up with.
Can't wait for his next show.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Rough Winter

Yes it can still get to you even after all these years on the job.

But now the ice is gone and it's time for the melt. Even the eagles have moved on so I guess there are no more excuses.

I even took out the golf clubs and had my first lesson of Spring from the master. Sure Rich out drove, chipped and putted me ("you're tensing up. Hold the club like a toothpaste tube without squeezing it")

At the 10 hole. (we only golf 9 in April) he showed me some of his winter footage. I'm always interested because he has an eye for the unusual. So i'm looking forward to seeing what the spring thaw will bring.

Monday, March 8, 2010


So it's been awhile since I've written, I know. Winter blues got me down. Just holed up in the garage playing Pet Sounds over and over again til I pass out. Few weeks back, I blacked out and fell out of my lawn chair, broke my collar bone. What the heck? Laid out on the garage floor for a few hours til Selma found me and drove me to the emergency. Got a shot of morphine and they sent me home with some pain killers. Got to say, the pain killers been nice. The collar bone is almost healed and last night - Oscar night - I downed my last few pills. Watching the starlets, that little girl from Twilight, Kristen what's her name, Sandra Bullock...then I get all dreamy when they gave that tribute to Lauren Bacall. The pills must've kicked in because I had this amazing vision that I was living in this villa in the Hollywood Hills with this beautiful view of Los Angeles below. I woke up in the morning, and there was the young Laurel Bacall laying next to me. I couldn't believe it. I said, "Hope my snoring didn't keep you up?" She looked all tussled and young. She reached over and shoke out one of my Marlboro 100's, lit it, and said in that amazing deep throated voice, "You sure can snore, baby." Then I look up, and she's up on that Oscar stage receiving some kind of award. Time flies when you're having fun. It's the blink of an eye, and they're grey, the Golden ones, huh? Hell, even Paul Newman is gone. But I still have them here in my garage, to keep me warm with my beer...and the last of my pain killers. Cheers. Here's to the starlets out there in Hollywood always keeping us warm.

Richie Casey

Friday, January 29, 2010

Jan 1st has always been one of my favorite holidays. Who am I trying to kid - I like them all but I've always been a fan of new starts. Maybe 2010 will be the year when I finally trade this uniform in for another one. I was thinking about this the other day when some of us guys went up to the casino to make one of our donations. I got to watching the security guard. How hard can that be? Oh I'm sure they have their problems like when he had to tell Rich to put his camera away. There he was with Rob and the guard promising that he would leave it in the room for the rest of our stay. The casino staff always seems to be nervous about cameras which just provides a fun challenge for an aspiring Spielberg like Rich. Some day he has to invite us over for a slide show of his undercover snaps. He could probably sell tickets.

So now it's back to reality. Just when I was feeling down about going back on shift Armand and Sean came into the locker room with another genius crook story. It seems that a guy asked a salesman (no kidding) for a ride in the parking lot of Walgreen's. The driver gave him a lift and, eventually, a Blackberry and a wallet.
Well about 15 minutes, and a few calls to AT&T later,the phone company called with the location of the Blackberry so the boys drove over to the mugger's house and picked him and the phone up. Some of these crooks just aren't keeping up with the technical revolution. Sean said that they cracked up when the bad guy asked if he could use the stolen phone to call his lawyer. I think they might have made that part up.

So here goes another year.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Eve Eve

Well this ought to be some weekend with the Friday holiday and all the celebrations that come with it. Swing shift started things off yesterday with what looked like some escapees from an office Christmas party. A call came in from from a mother around 5 o'clock. Her daughter came in and said that she just talked to Santa Claus out in the front yard and he was wondering if she had seen any of his reindeer walking around. When she said no he hugged her and said "merry Christmas" and got back in his car with the guy in a funny green suit.
This didn't sound right to mom so she put in a call. About an hour later Johnson and Rance came in with the two revelers. It seems they were on their way from one establishment to another and thought they would have some fun with their outfits. A couple of tickets later 2 embarrassed looking wives came in to take the boys home.The guys were looking down and the wives were shaking their heads.

So who knows what the holiday weekend will bring besides the blizzard that's due tonight. Maybe '10 is the year for those travel brochures.

By the way whatever happens - some of it will end up being recorded. I ran into Rich Casey the other night when I was out with the camera club at out annual rotary lights field trip. (Some call it a shoot but for some reason I never cared for that term when it came to taking pictures}. Anyway he was over at Petibone making a movie across the river. It didn't look like he had the right gear to get a good picture of the lights way over in Riverside but who knows.

We'll see what develops.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Well you celebrate the season your way and we have ours. We got a call late Friday. Some guy was running around Target with a hammer. He got it in the home improvement section, walked over to TVs and started wacking. Not sure what the problem was but the guys that finally took him down said he was muttering about a set costing more at night than it was in the morning sale. It brought up flashbacks of my mother coming home exhausted from working in the toy department at Gimbels after Thanksgiving (and that was before Black Friday was invented).

At least now we have the lights. I've always had a hard time getting inspired this time of year. Once the colors are off the trees everything seems to turn a dull combination of brown and grey. Well a few years ago I decided to join the Rotary and get involved in the Riverside Park Lights project.

Rich and I take a few hours during the week to string lights in the trees and decorate the band shell. Not really sure what a fire breathing dragon has to do with Christmas in Wisconsin but who cares. This year Rich and I got to set it up. Now if I could just get him to stay on task instead of running around with that camcorder we could get something done. Oh well it's all in fun and a great release from the job and now that it's up the city guys take it over.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Who needs a cop.

A guy walks into a Walgreen's on a mild fall night with his hands in his pockets wearing a full face ski mask. The manager looks up from stocking batteries on a display and says "excuse me, you'll have to take that cap off". The guy ignores him and walks back to the prescription counter and says to the pharmacist on duty " give me all your Oxycontin". The pharmacist looks up from his work and says "no you'll need a prescription" So the masked guy says "OK" and walks out into the LaCrosse night.

Yup, that's right. I'm back on the job after my extended R&R.

Now I'm back in Wisconsin looking for an average height and weight guy who owns a stocking cap and sells or takes prescription drugs without having a note from his doctor. What are the odds.

Sounds like a good case for Guy Noir on the Prairie Home Companion Show but we still have to check these things out. Wish they were all this harmless and all the crooks were so polite.

Looking forward to getting together with the Casey brothers this weekend to watch the game and catch up on what I missed on the local scene during vacation.